How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog/Cat?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Remember a general rule of thumb is: 1-3mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight.

For example, a 20lb dog can start at 2mg of CBD (in any product form) and scale up to 6mg as needed. You can work your way up to the optimum amount, increasing the dosage gradually to no more than 3x the mg of the starting dose. As with human consumption CBD, it is best to use the smallest dose that produces results. Always use a calibrated dropper

(Pasteur pipette for those of you looking for the propper termonology) to ensure you give just the needed dosage.

If you go online and google "Pet CBD Dosage" 50 times, Chances are you will find 50 different calculations! Your pet should start small and work up to the optimum point that works for your dog/cat's system and body weight. It truly surprised me to see so many 'expert' opinions on dosage. Truth be told...there is no accurate dosage chart/calculator available. CBD needs to interact in the ECS (endocannabinoid system) to balance to the correct amount for the pet's body weight.

Do not go by online charts or dose calculators (guesswork at best)!

Go by your dog/cat's health. Be careful not to overdose as this will have an adverse effect.

Always better to small and build up. It's the same way CDB is dosed to humans and your pet's system needs to be treated the same....start small up to optimum.

CBD should

be administered 2x daily 20-30 minutes before a meal. As with any new medication or supplements, check with your veterinarian for any possible interactions with any current medications and time needed between the medication/supplements. Administered correctly, CBD treatments interact normally within your pet's

endocannabinoid system to balance out the ECS. We are looking for that balance!


Our rule of thumb above is the average as found using top resources in the CBD industry. The only way to be sure is to monitor your dog/cat's progress. The FDA has not made any official statements on administering CBD doses to pets and no one can claim otherwise. Doctor Dawggy offers many different brand names from top, certified PET CBD suppliers to offer you choices as to which method of CBD intake is right for your pet!

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