CBD and your Cat...

Updated: Aug 31

Doctor Dawggy will be the first to tell you, Cats are not dogs! ... Yes, that's quite obvious, but you'd be surprised at the number of products out there that don't make that distinction. Cats love a good snack just as much as their Canine friends, but they need a different blend of CBD to correspond to their ECS (Endocannabinoid System). Doctor Dawggy has a product page just for Cats filled with flavors that cats love... chicken and catnip!


Just like a dog, cats suffer from separation anxiety. They also can use the boost for joint discomfort and for any other reason their ECS is out of whack. CBD maybe of use when adjusting your feline to a new home Cats tend to be very much out of their comfort zone when it comes to a change of environment.

As with dogs, you should use your cats weight when determining what strength of dosage to give them. Doctor Dawggy recommends first talking to your veterinarian about adding CBD to your cats diet. Al