GIVING BACK (Remembering Charlie...)

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With every product you purchase, Doctor Dawggy helps provide to dogs in need

Charlie a Jack Russel Terrier who was a shelter dog smiling in a field of tulips

Doctor Dawggy (Angel Eyes) was given a forever home from a shelter.

Angel Eyes brother Jazz....the same.

Their predecessors for many years going back....all shelter pets. 

The Human's behind Doctor Dawggy understand that not all pets are able to find their forever homes right away and some spend time in shelters.

One of our former rescues spent over 2 years in a shelter and he turned out to be a 'The Dog'.... (you know what we mean!) .

It's all about giving them a chance.

That's why Doctor Dawggy wants to give back by donating some of our proceeds to local Humane Shelters. We'll pick new ones all the time and we'll be happy to put your local shelter on our list. Just Contact with your local shelter's information

and we will add them to our list.


The Humans here at Doctor Dawggy know it's not us who saved them...'s them who saved us! 

Doctor Dawggy's Current Shelter is:

The Will County Humane Society, Joliet Il.

Charlie was a shelter dog who rescued us. Charlie came to find us at the Will County Humane Society

in Joliet IL.  Charlie tragically lost his life saving his human from a pit bull attack

(not the pits fault, bad owners.)

In remembering where we were rescued by Charlie we have created our giving source in his name. Thank you Charlie.