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Doctor Dawggy is a Bassador (Basset Hound-Labrador mix #Bassadorable!) whose main goal is to help you keep your Dawg or Katz mental and physical health top shelf!

Doctor Dawggy meets your dog or cat's need for top-quality CBD tinctures, treats, and balms. Natural Plant-Based Remedies! Although she specializes in Dog Mental Health, Doctor Dawggy has a soft spot for Cats too!  

Although she's a fully qualified MD (Mutt Dawg), she advises you to speak firsthand with your local veterinarian regarding any medical questions. Articles, blogs, and advice you'll see here on Doctor Dawggy's web store are for informational purposes - Doctor Dawggy always recommends getting advice from your local Veterinarian. Pet anxiety and stress may be caused by many different triggers (health issues, separation, lightning, fireworks, squirrels, etc..) so a visit to your vet may be the best for your furry friend. 


We are here to help, but none of Doctor Dawggy's products, articles, blogs, or advice should be taken without the consent and blessing of your local veterinarian. A pet lover and blogger's insight and research can not compete with your veterinarian's education. Your vet can also look your pet over for other health issues that this website can't see. (We would love to see your buddy if we could!)  

If you have a question on any of Doctor Dawggy's products we are happy to provide you with the ingredients and any information we have on that product.

Doctor Dawggy carries a variety of vendors to give you a wide choice of CBD Pet Edibles and other products made especially for your pets ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

We are a 'Mum and Pup' out to give you a choice instead of using a big box store. We will do our best to be competitive and still be small enough that you are dealing with real pet lovin' people! 

Your Pet's Health Is Our Business!


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