Why Settle To Treat Your Pets Anxiety Issues?

Your pet deserves choices.....why settle for a single

'Private Label brand' which, in fact, is the same product being sold on several different stores...

...just with a different 'Private Lable' and most likely with several different prices!

Doctor Dawggy offers a Wide Variety of the

Top Pet Product Brands of 

Natural Plant-Based Remedies Available! (Hemp-Based)

Tinctures, Treats, Balms, and Comfort Products

All with Certificates of Authentication (COA's)


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By shopping on this site you confirm that you are of legal age and understand the consequences associated with age deceit to purchase these products. 

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Doctor Dawggy Paw Print
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Doctor Dawggy wants to give you a choice...

The widest variety of brand names

delivered to your doorstep.

Doctor Dawggy is a 'Mum and Pup'

...Big enough to deliver quality products...

Small enough that you're dealing with actual people. 

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